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We just returned from a walk with our dog Nittany and what a pleasure it is to take her out into the neighborhood now. We adopted Nittany 2 months ago and were not prepared for such an out of control dog. After suffering our own physical problems from just trying to control Nittany on walks and outings, we quickly realized the we were going to need training help from a professional.

Nittany pulled to the extreme on walks, barked to the point that we had to keep her inside most of the time and essentially had control over us instead of us having control over her. Todd Slepakoff came to our rescue! Through his dog training expertise and ability to relate well with us, we felt like we would be able to have Nittany in our home and that she could be a positive part of our family.

– Barbara and Bill Crownover

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  1. Ilse
    Ilse says:

    Is this by any chance a Hovawart?
    She sure looks like one! If she is, I wouldn’t worry about “unruly” behavior – that’s normal for them. Should get better by the age of 3-5 when they start to mature 🙂

    • avldogcompany
      avldogcompany says:

      Wow! You know your breeds. We trained this dog way back in 2001, but I think she was just a mixed breed that happened to bear a resemblance to a Hovawart.


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