Our Process for Dog Training

Our Unique Process

We are all ears at the Asheville Dog Company!!  Starting with our free evaluation, we focus on your goals and finding right solutions for your family.

Our methods are unique!  Unlike the one-size fits all attitude most trainers have, the Asheville Dog Company alters our training to achieve the best results for you and your canine companion!

We refuse to limit your success by only sharing certain training methods.  We believe in giving you all the tools that are available to help dogs learn while helping you learn when to use them appropriately.

Science-based Dog Training

The Asheville Dog Company uses Science Based Training….not just the science we like but all the science available.  By regularly attending training seminars and competing actively with our own dogs, we stay current on the newest and most effective training techniques available.

Balanced Dog Training

The Asheville Dog Company uses a balanced approach to helping you and your furry family member. What is balanced training?  Balanced training takes into account several different approaches to training and uses them according to what will be best in the end for the dog and the owner!!

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sea of training tips, videos, blogs and advice? It seems everywhere you turn is some self-proclaimed doggie expert telling you what to do to fix your doggie dilemmas.  Let the Asheville Dog Company help you navigate through the confusion.

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