St. Bernard and flowers


Saint Bernard mix, Male

At age six, My dog Judo decided that he didn’t want anyone new coming over to our house. I discovered this fact when he bit my soon to be mother-in-law in the rear.

Todd came over to do an initial interview and to meet my precious doggie. Judo growled at him non-stop for a full hour. Todd continued with the interview and was extremely optimistic and very friendly about the situation. He actually stopped a few times just to laugh about the continuous rumble from beneath the table where Judo lay. He was very confident as he explained to me the basic obedience that Judo would learn over the next several weeks. At that point, I stopped to laugh because I truly did not believe that my unruly beast could be as well behaved as Todd promised.

As the training began, I was very nervous. I had visions of gruesome attacks on the new dog trainer, but what actually happened was… Todd came to our home once a week for six weeks. As each week went by, I watched as he gained the trust and respect of my dog and taught me and my fiance how to do the exact same thing. We followed his instructions and daily practice sessions vigorously and magically my dog transformed. It was definitely me who needed training more than my dog did. I learned techniques that will last a lifetime of owning Judo and any other dog to come. At the last session, not only was Judo no longer growling at Todd, but he was following commands from him completely off leash, in our home, and enjoying every minute of it. I am thoroughly satisfied with the results we achieved through the training program and look forward to continuing Judo’s progress.

– Brooke Stewart

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