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Balanced Dog Training

Here at the Asheville Dog Company we believe in a balanced approach to dog training.  I tell people this a lot and have noticed that many nod their head and smile but it occurred to me that a good number of those people probably have no idea what I am talking about.  So here goes… […]


7/12/2001 We just returned from a walk with our dog Nittany and what a pleasure it is to take her out into the neighborhood now. We adopted Nittany 2 months ago and were not prepared for such an out of control dog. After suffering our own physical problems from just trying to control Nittany on […]


Unknown breed, Male Todd, I am just writing you this small note as a thank you for the extra time you spent with me and Max this weekend. I know you didn’t have to, but you did anyways. It means a lot nowadays when a business is willing to put in that special effort to […]

Daisy Mae

Basset Hound, Female We’ve had four dogs in our many years of married life… all of them Bassets, all of them stubborn, but lovable characters. Of the four Bassets, only the current one, Daisy Mae, has been blessed by formal training. Knowing what we know now, after our experience with Todd, all of our dogs […]


Unknown breed Pegi and I want you to know how appreciative we are of your expert training-of us, of course-during the program recently concluded with Jake. When we contacted you, we had just adopted this 90 pound, six year old, who-knows-what-all mix who was afraid to ride in the car and had no concept of […]


Unknown breed Todd, Thank you for the freedom of walking my dog instead of my dog walking me. Thank you for teaching Jet manners at the door and when someone else is at the door. Thank you for giving Sherry and I the understanding and confidence to allow Jet to have the freedom to run. […]


Saint Bernard mix, Male At age six, My dog Judo decided that he didn’t want anyone new coming over to our house. I discovered this fact when he bit my soon to be mother-in-law in the rear. Todd came over to do an initial interview and to meet my precious doggie. Judo growled at him […]