german shepherd puppy

Service Dogs

Not long ago, I was in our local bakery when a woman walked in with her dog. It was a small breed dog. As soon as they walked through the door, the dog was pulling in all directions. Sniffing around, trying to snatch any little crumbs on the floor. Even jumping up on the display […]

Meet Our New Rescue Dog, Satellite!

If you’ve worked with Todd, then you know he loves German Shepherds. You may even have met one of ours at a lesson, but what you may not know is that we have fostered and rescued a lot of dogs over the years. I won’t share the exact number because then you may think we’re […]

Balanced Dog Training

Here at the Asheville Dog Company we believe in a balanced approach to dog training.  I tell people this a lot and have noticed that many nod their head and smile but it occurred to me that a good number of those people probably have no idea what I am talking about.  So here goes… […]